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A House Isn't A Home
the steps creak
with every step I take
up the stairs that
I wish I never had
To climb for so long
the ocean waves crash
along the rocky cliffs--
that salty air
overwelms more than
my sense of smell
the screen door
will hang slightly
off it's hinge
like it always
had ever since I
could actually recall.
Those memories.
They say that
Everything happens
for a reason
but that isn't
the door unlocked
lets me in
without a fight.
it's all the same
the same furniture sits
in the parlor
there's nothing
that doesn't bring
back a memory.
That was sitting
in the back of
my mind for
so long
that I thought I
forgot it
But it's all there
dusty and forgotten
in the yellowed
pages of a dream.
from so long ago.
The larkspur have
long since died
and the ivy's
gone wild.
but it's all there
like it had
never gone but
i never
knew that I'd
come back to
a past that still
haunts my
now that I'm
here; where will
I go home to?
It's a question
I pose to myself
examining the books
on the shelf
that I never read.
forgotten titles;
forgotten dreams
the ideas of yesterdays
are not thoughts of
there's no place
to go but the future
that never comes
anyway after
living in the past
for so long
I've lived in fear
of this day
since forever
and now that it's
come there's
nowhere to go
but back.
Back to a past
I don't know
and a future
That I just
won't recognize.
Until the future
becomes today
and today becomes
the past.

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