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Before you begin
Let me plug my ears
Not to say I don't respect
Your beliefs, I do
I just don't want to hear them
Don't be offended
Religion just isn't my kind
Of conversation--
Especially not with a hypocrite
Before you condemn me
Take a hard look at yourself
You aren't exactly
The epitome of holy
I'm not implying that I'm a saint
Believe me I'm not
But do you have the authority
To intrude on my private vulgarities
If they're not directed to you
I'm sorry to have offended you
But what made God yours alone
I believe in God
Bet you didn't know that
Every Sunday I go to church
So don't preach to me
Because only God has the right
To pass judgement on me
And you.

* Just a note: to anyone who is really religious, I didn't mean to sound so offensive.  This was written my freshman year before I realized how immature I was being by acting as harshly as the person I directed this poem towards.  I am in no way condemning God this way now.

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