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Guest Star
(For Jimy)
I wish I knew what you were
But every answer is indirect
I don't nag because I know
That what you feel is beyond comprehension
I try to let you understand
You don't have to let yourself
Feel the pain you do forever
Not to say forgetting is the key--
it's not.
But letting go to an uncontrollable
incident is.
Blame is a five-letter sin.
Not that you care about that
But its a self-defeating act
I know from experience.
Don't clear her from your heart
But don't let her destroy your sanity
Love is illogical I know
But everyone does what they have to
Follow your heart, be selfish
There's nothing wrong with that
Experience life to the fullest--
Even if it means finding out
What it is that's really in your heart.

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