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Sophomore Vocabulary
I lie in a state of anatagonistic  grace
as a sort of anomaly
I keep a front of coyness
to hide my guilt
my incoherant voice lags
feeling emotionally decimated
detached from the outside world
i feign joy but only feel funereal
my character dwindles
to a point of dissolution
and i'm left disconcerted and enervated
but where most are excupated
i am seen as a gadfly
rarely do i gratify--
the object of a heckler's wit
and my ego is mangled by
the juggernaut of myopic
self-righteousness imbeciles
who find abasement of tortured souls interesting
All of this
leaves my demented mind
delirious, running
the emotional gamut
hardly can i garner
the gall i can already taste
in order to execrate
the perpetrators
of ghastly gibe
towards my fragile emotion
they seem almost impassive
and impervious
to my wistful pleas for acceptance
the tears i weep
make them taunt more superciliously
i look for a cache
trying to flee from
their adverse contagion
with a condescending air
they make asseverations
about my continence
in the opposite direction
many corroborate, few
provide commiseration, only
callous, inclement looks.

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