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How much more do I have to sacrifice
Before I can have my sanity
There are so many factors
That I just can't explain to you
For all this grief I'm given
There's not much I can say
Problems are always overamplified
When I'm the one to blame
The anger is left to grow
With no place for me to go
It builds up inside
While I feed it unknowingly
And I can't ever tell you
What I'm feigning inside
Even when you want to know
Those are just the words
That don't mean anything
When they come from you
There's no kind of apology
That makes up for everything
You've done to me
I can't explain the animosity
But don't I have a right
It just isn't healthy
To harbor deep resentment
Especially for me
But it's not that easy
To forget the harsh words
For childish mistakes
Committed by a child
There's nothing you can do
The wound is already there
Poured salt on it too many times
It won't ever heal
Even when you claim I can't feel
You're devoid of all emotion
Depsite your empty promises
Which are only fulfilling
For a short period of time
Just used to shut me up
It's too late to make amends
The damage has been done
I do'nt give you anything
After all that you've taken
Too many times I've been shaken
I'm sick of it
I wish there was a way to forget
But you can't go back in time
No matter how hard I could try
It's too late
Everything's been ruined
For you and me.

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