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When Dreams Go Bad
I didn't know what was wrong
with me until I met "him."
He always knew where to find those
little flaws that
always looked too big when he
pointed them out.
even though
when I looked at them,
they always made me a better person
in that It made me less perfect
and more normal...
but to him I wasn't good enough..
I had to be perfect
but at what costs?
And what would I get in return?
Opened doors--passionate kisses--
sweet embraces?
Is it--was it worth it?
Was it worth sacrificing
MY self-dignity for the ego
of a person who didn't really know
who or what He wanted?
Nowadays that question
never ceases to haunt me
what if it had been
what if I had been perfect?
Would I still be able to call him
"My" boyfriend?
"My" sweetie
"My" love?
How or where does he
get off from
feeling what I feel--
guilt, denial, love
love for the abusiveness he gave me
and yet
I wonder
if he still thinks about me
if he still
knows my number...

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