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Dammit Another One!
(bites the dust)
Like Queen once sang, "Another one bites the dust."
There aren't enough words for me to describe the
emotions that I just manage to feel
at every particular moment in time
when you're sitting there
breaking my heart.
You know what you're doing but
You still don't care
as if I ever meant anything to you
Just another trophy
to put on your shelf
one of too many
or maybe not enough.
What difference did I ever make to you
The honeymoon ended a long time ago
the love seemed to go with it.
mirroring some sick joke
that doesn't have a punchline
where am I left to go
I was always following you around
like a puppy without it's food
it's coming from you
and I'm tired of all the games that you
play--all the while
you just sit there and tell me
that it'll be okay
things will work out
when they already failed
I just wish that I didn't know
that I would fall in love with you
maybe it's better this way
but I just really don't know.

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