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Did I Disappoint You?
I'd like to say I don't have a conscience
But that would be a lie
From an alleged compulsive liar
Even though there's a difference
Vetween just hiding things from you
And then lying about it
But in all your narrow-mindedness
It's all the same to you
When the accusations are made
It's always as though I'm on trial
With you as judge, jury and executioner
I put emphasis on your undemocratic
standards of trial
And you say I'm the Commie
All you are is a tyrant
Where it's your way or the highway
Where's the logic in that
I'm not some kind of robot
Who's programmed to always
Be a certain way
I can actually think
But you're obviously confused
Beause you're always
Telling me something different
Than what you really mean
I want to learn on my own
While I gain my own identity
But it's always been hard for you
To accept the truth
If you even know what it is
All I ever hear is talk
About proving myself to you
But you never give me the chance
And I'm at a loss
For what's going on
Because you won't explain to me
The mistakes I've made
Even though I don't know
Because you've never let me
Go out in the world alone
To experience it by myself
So when i seize the opportunity
I don't know what to do.

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