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Take Me Out To The Ballpark...
(Where you used to tell me you loved me)

This is nothing but a game
And there's nobody left to blame
but ourselves;
Why did it come to this
Before it was all just bliss
That we felt
What a cruel hand that's been dealt
A day doesn't pass
When I speak words so crass
They're almost all about you
Even though deep in my heart they're untrue
I feel like I have to save face
And I'm left to plead my case
To people who try to take a side
It's all just wounded pride
That's making us so bitter
Even though you like "her"
You feed your resentment
What was meant
By all your cruel anxieties
Towards me in the hallway
How did I deserve your hate
Was it in my fate?
For you to despise me so quickly
And have your love disappear so easily?

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